What to expect

I created this space to share a bit about myself both personally and artistically. I will cover everything from my everyday life, to the art I am working on, to my faith, to the stories of the women I've had the honor of assisting during their birth stories as their doula. 


Pieces of me

I am a San Diego native. I have had the opportunity to travel and see a little bit of the world, live in other cities, but I currently live in my hometown, San Diego, California with my amazingly ambitious, handsome husband and our incredibly sweet, adventurous and beyond brave sons, Malakai and Shepherd.  Winged eyeliner, red lipstick, the color black, and paint are among some of my favorite things.


Why I blog

Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope this becomes a space that is as life-giving for you as it is for me. I hope you have fun, connect, laugh, and are inspired. My blogging began as a way to figure out how to share my heart and thoughts, as well as how to serve mamas best as a doula. Join me on the journey as I share pieces of me, and please feel free to share a bit of yourself as well.