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Why Doula?

My son was due Christmas day. It was Christmas time. Decorations were up. Kids, as well as my husband who is a high school teacher, were on Christmas break. My door bell rang. 

On my front porch was my best friend since fifth grade, enjoying her Christmas break from nursing school. As soon as I opened the door, she announced, "hi, I'm here until you have that baby!" 

My dear, sweet friend was trying to decide if she wanted to become a labor and delivery nurse, or an ER nurse, and this was the deciding factor. She was here to be my doula. So we spent the holidays talking babies, going over the Bradley Method and through breathing exercises. We were both learning so much - about my anatomy and my baby's anatomy - all set to the finely tuned dance of baking Christmas cookies. 

She was the only one, with the exception of a few moms online and in my church community, who spoke of babies as blessings and birth as a magical experience. She soothed and comforted me during my last two weeks of pregnancy and she was the one who got me excited to go into labor. There was no fear, just a beautiful, natural, journey, and at the end I would be holding my sweet boy (though, at the time, I didn't know the sex yet). 

She was the one who helped coached my husband and prepare him for labor - she educated us both so much. She made me go on the longest walks in the world, for hours on end, reminding me the whole time that putting in the work now would reap benefits when the time came to deliver. If I close my eyes and focus on reliving the hours in the delivery room, I can still feel her massaging my back and helping me breath through the last of my contractions. She reminded me to "ride the wave" and to "breath my baby out." Angie was my doula; she was the woman that simply sought to serve me throughout this crucial time in my pregnancy and my son's birth. 

She taught me so much about the miracle of birth, and showed me the joy that every mother can, maybe even should, have while bringing her child into the world. It's not a means to an end, but a calling, as a women. Having Kai transitioned me in a lot of ways from young girl to woman. I felt truly feminine, maybe for the first time, and became completely comfortable in my own skin, seeing all that it is capable of. 

I am becoming a doula so that I can share that experience with others. The joy, the blessing and the miracle that pregnancy and birthing life are and ought to be. 

Doula Diaries, is about my doula journey. My adventure through school and earning my certification. My adventures with the women I meet and have the honor of serving, it is me sharing their birth stories, and it is everything else I, and we, learn along the way.

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