Family Values

Have you ever sat back and said to yourself, “in a perfect world, my life would look like this”? Maybe you met someone, or read something that caused you to question the status quo, or to change your direction in life. A conversation, a piece of art, scripture, travel, that inspired you and made you want something different, something more.

I have had quite a few of those experiences. Experiences that kept me up at night, dreaming dreams that seem impossible. Experiences that made me want to embark on a new adventure, yet too scared to live out those ideas, knowing that some people will support you and most will give you a hard time for outgrowing old ways. READ MORE



Everyone loves the new year. A fresh start. To plan for better. For new. To become who you want to be, and to do the things you want to do.

A few years ago I decided that, instead of making a list of resolutions, I would focus in on one thing. One word. I’ve cycled through a lot. Words like kindness, bravery, thankfulness, abide, last year my word was connect. The lesson, upon reflection, was not initially what I thought. I originally thought that I needed to connect to others, to be more available, less introverted. So I did, I reached out, volunteered, and showed up. I learned it wasn’t about others, but about connection to self. And connection to self is rough, at least for me. READ MORE